"I’m thinking about getting a robotic finger to replace the one this dudes dog swallowed after I was kidnapped—-

But I’m no terminator and I don’t know if I could cyborg myself like that. It’s like… betrayal of the human race you know? What if one day I malfunction? Can’t risk that.”


"Interesting question, what is my favourite inanimate object?”

The question runs through his mind, Harry’s face expressing the careful thought process of which he was currently going through. Inanimate objects, huh? What were they expecting him to say? His hairbrush? Maybe his cell phone? That pink dildo that somehow ended up in his luggage that one time? (Which, of course, was thanks to Perry. Everything that even looked or smelt gay was to do with Perry).

"I’m big on my notebook— it makes me look important and professional. When I’m actually paying attention and doing my job, it works wonders. Couldn’t be a detective without it—"

Harry’s face scrunches up, his head shaking from side to side.

"— Well, Perry says that I could and that I’m an idiot for having it all the time, but who listens to Perry, huh? Just ‘cause he’s been in the business longer than I have, doesn’t make him the expert."

Well Harry, it kinda does.